Virtual News Desk Technology

The Integrated Virtual News Desk (IVND) of ETV Bharat will power ETV Bharat to report news at greater speeds and larger volumes. The platform will be available for ingesting videos from various sources. News content created will be supported for text, images, videos and audio with metadata tagging. News content from the archives and ingested folders will be accessible via search and discovery for quick dissemination of news as it breaks. It seamlessly integrates MoJo (Mobile Journalism) into the Virtual News Room to provide faster access to any breaking news.

Advanced Heuristics Technology

The key aspect of ETV Bharat will be video centricity in news creation and video work flow as a main component of the platform. ETV Bharat will leverage “Adaptive Bitrate Streaming” technology to deliver an interactive TV-like experience. This advanced Heuristics technology intelligently adjusts the bit rate of a video stream to ensure the optimum playback quality based on changing bandwidth conditions.

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