National Digital Media Hub

ETV Bharat will be a national digital media hub with its countrywide news network,
compelling content across languages, geographies and genres.
Fortified by the legacy of Eenadu & ETV Network,
it will put forward the best practices in journalism...  more

It will carry the traits of authenticity and editorial integrity.

National News Platform

ETV Bharat is a comprehensive digital national news platform conceived to deliver seamless news and information services, using video-centric Mobile App and Web Portals. It is first-of-its kind offering in India in terms of diversity and depth, dedicated journalists network, reach of 23 states with services in 13 languages i.e.–Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Odia and English.

ETV Bharat is the latest initiative of the five-decade old multi-dimensional Ramoji Group. The Group’s highly successful media endeavors include: Eenadu - one of the largely circulated language dailies in the country and ETV Network with Telugu general entertainment, infotainment and news channels. With a strong lineage of the most trusted media house, ETV Bharat would draw on its strengths of decades’ long experience and innovation.

ETV Bharat will combine the new technologies of mobile and digital media to engage news and information seekers in a new connected world. It will be driven by well-established news gathering setup, technology specialists and other professionals.  less

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ETV Bharat will have vast network of digital news reporters with formidable bureaus. The well-entrenched and dedicated team of digital journalists and reporters across the country will facilitate dynamic news production, ushering in a new paradigm of news gathering in the digital arena.


ETV Bharat will bring multilingual news video reportage covering city, state, national, international, economy, govt., sports, events & happenings etc. The extensive digital reporting will bring updated news and infotainment features, exclusive stories, breaking news, headlines with live footage and special bulletins.


Driving immense value for everyone, ETV Bharat explores various facets of useful subjects to suit the viewer interest. It maps every demographic and multiple facet of social life to design appropriate content. ETV Bharat addresses the widest sections of populace with emphases on children (Bal Bharat), women (Mahila Bharat), Youth (Yuva Bharat) and inspiring them with sources of specialized information.


The Integrated Virtual News Desk (IVND) of ETV Bharat will power ETV Bharat to report news at greater speeds and larger volumes. The platform will be available for ingesting videos from various sources. News content created will be supported for text, images, videos and audio with metadata tagging. News content from the archives and ingested folders will be accessible via search and discovery for quick dissemination of news as it breaks.


The nature and presentation of the content will be quick, relevant and shareable. The videos will be made using inventive visual storytelling methods, as the content format and navigation will be exclusively optimized for the hand-held devices (mobile phone, tablet), smart TV and the web.


ETV Bharat in All Indian Languages & English